4 Ways To Plan The Perfect Hot Air Balloon Proposal

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You've probably seen some romantic proposals in hot air balloons on TV, and maybe you want to replicate that in your own upcoming proposal. While you can make the day romantic and unforgettable, it's important to prep for the perfect hot air balloon proposal.

Choose A Sentimental Location

The beauty of hot air ballooning in Australia is the number of beautiful scenic spots you have at your disposal. From the spectacular vineyards of Hunter Valley to the pristine golden sand beaches of the Gold Coast, you'll never be short of a gorgeous view. Think of a location with meaning, and choose that for your hot air balloon proposal. For example, if you and your partner spent an amazing weekend exploring the stunning vineyards of Hunter Valley, this is the perfect spot to pop the question.

Make It A Surprise

While the proposal itself may come as a massive surprise to your partner, why not make the hot air balloon ride a surprise till the very end. Book your trip without your partner's knowledge and let the company know what you're planning. They will be able to assist you with holding on to this pleasant surprise right up until the time you reach the take-off spot.

Plan For The Weather

There's nothing worse than nature playing spoilsport on such an important day. While you cannot be absolutely sure of unpredictable weather, you can minimise the chance of any issues by choosing days with the best hot air ballooning conditions after checking the weather forecast. Just in case the weather decides to play up, make sure you have another plan in mind. This could either be proposing in an alternate location or waiting for a day with better weather conditions to take the hot air balloon ride.

Confirm That Your Partner Likes Heights

Planning to propose in a hot air balloon but your partner is afraid of heights? You could end up making a big blunder if you find yourself in a situation where your partner is terrified and can think of nothing else but fear. Make sure your significant other actually likes the idea of a hot air balloon ride by making subtle remarks to get a reaction. Hot air balloons can be marvellous but only if everyone actually enjoys them.

Planning a hot air balloon proposal needs a bit of planning to be perfect. Follow these steps and make your significant other the happiest person with your proposal.

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