Four Reasons to Book an Airport Hotel

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When you're flying away for either business or pleasure, your experience at the airport can set the tone for the rest of your trip. While air travel isn't too stressful when you live close to your departure point, that soon changes when you have to make a long journey. Rather than endure the stresses that accompany an early start, why not choose to stay in an airport hotel? Reducing your journey time aside, there are plenty of reasons to do so.

You'll get a good night's sleep before your flight

Depending on where your flight takes you, you may need to arrive at the airport between one and two hours before the gates close. If you're taking an early morning flight, that can mean arriving before 3 a.m. Staying in an airport hotel buys you extra time to snooze before you set off. As a result, you'll feel fresh during your journey and you'll enjoy your first day at the end destination a lot more.

You'll avoid the trauma that comes with missing your flight

Never assume that traffic will work in your favour when you have a plane to catch. Whether it's unexpected crash, poorly announced roadwork or adverse weather, sitting in your car as you watch the departure time slip away is unbearable. In contrast, most airport hotels benefit from shuttle buses that take you directly to the terminal. Some also have contracts with local cab firms, so you can rely on a booking that turns up on time. If you really want to experience convenience at its finest, hotels that sit directly within the terminal are available in some airports.

You can refuel in a serene environment

If you're keen to avoid extortionate airport lounge prices and you don't want to pay more than is necessary for food, book a hotel that has a breakfast buffet. In many cases, the per-person fee you'll pay is more cost-friendly than visiting an airport restaurant. You'll also have the chance to enjoy food at your own leisure, without the overcrowding and early morning drinking that comes with airports. 

You can use overnight check-in services

Finally, some airlines now make life easier for customers with overnight check-in services. If you're eligible to use one, you can drop your bags off at the check-in desk the night before your departure. In doing so you'll have extra time in bed and you'll face one less queue in the morning. Staying at an airport hotel makes this possible, even when you don't live close to the airport itself.

Reach out to a hotel near you to learn more about their accommodations.

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